Kiernan Shipka by Lauren Dukoff

this teen is cooler than you will ever be

two facts about myself that are completely true and that you should not bother to think critically about in relation to each other

1. I burned my lower lip playing with a lighter the other day. As a result, I have a scar that looks like a piece of stray ketchup. 

2. In about four months, I am going to get off of a plane in Bangkok, completely alone. No one is going to meet me there. I will probably have several pieces of heavy luggage. I will get myself and my luggage to the university by an as of yet undetermined mode of transportation. In Bangkok. Alone. By myself. In Bangkok. After flying 15+ hours. To Bangkok. 


*writes “president of comedy” over “first lady of comedy” on every single julia louis-dreyfus rolling stone magazine cover printed*

They’re the salt of the earth, those girls. They don’t sit each night and compare notes on groups, criticising lyrics, asking if it’s valid. They just play the record… yeah, and maybe they dance. I love them. I love them dearly.
David Bowie on fangirls (via fuckyeahrockgroupies)

The new Purple Cow, which sells alcoholic milkshakes, is probably the only thing that has made me really, really resent being underage. 

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